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Artist Page-Susan Manspeizer-First Page

Susan Manspeizer


Blue Wood , Bent wood and Acrylic, 40" x 18" x 16".  A sculpture with bent Wood, blue and gold acrylic, with unfinished edges

Susan Manspeizer, Blue Wood, Bent wood and Acrylic, 40" x 18" x 16"     

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Susan Manspeizer's career spans 30 years of prestigious exhibitions, including numerous awards and reviews. Most recently, she received the Epstein Memorial Award for her sculpture at the National Association of Women Artists’ 123rd Annual Members Exhibition. New York Times covered her sculpture in the article, “In Figure and Form, Sculpture All Around”, April 20, 2012. She has exhibited extensively throughout New York, the Northeast and the Midwest, with an international exhibit in Tokyo, Japan. Her works were included in public spaces such as the Kohler Corporation in WI and the Four Seasons hotel in Baltimore, MD and the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum in NJ. She has studied Art at the Art Students League and taught Drawing & Painting course at The Art Center of Northern New Jersey for 20 years.

*Manspeizer's aesthetic vision includes shaping topologically complex three-dimensional structures as oil crayon is applied by hand to color and burnish the inside and outside contours of her sinuously bent wooden shapes. These are suffused with tender sensuousness and quiet mystery. Equally rapturous is an eerie sensation of the presence of once-sentient life that pervades her organically suggestive entities. Manspeizer’s opulently abstracted art forms have a tantalizingly otherworldly and even uncanny aspect that is moving and unsettling in equal measure. *

*Excerpt from Dominique Nahas's Essay, Revelation in Non-Objectivity.