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Artist Page- Layla Fanucci-First

Layla Fanucci


New York New York Opus 777 ,  Oil on Canvas, 60" X 72".  New York on a bight fall day with blue, orange and yellow trees and crowds gathering in the foreground.

Layla Fanucci, New York New York Opus 777, Oil on Canvas, 60" X 72"



  Driven by a desire to evoke her experience of the city, she achieves remarkable harmony in these resonant works. A musician before becoming a painter, she captures the rhythm of the great metropolis, the lyrical splendor of its skies and the cacophony of its streets. Looking at these scenes, one understands why people return time after time to these places, like musical phrases we never tire of hearing, always finding something new in them.

  In Fanucci’s dream-like paintings, the relationships of buildings, massed like blocks, transmit the grandeur and intensity of the urban environment, framing the crowds that swarm below them. Dense, deeply felt, intriguing and masterfully painted, her cityscapes draw us in because of the passion with which they were created.