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Mark Jacobson, Eve in the Garden #2, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 24"



For over 25 years, Mark Jacobson has studied and mastered the art of painting. He attended classes at the Art Student's League and was a member of the Hudson Valley Art Association. Jacobson's work has shown at the Albright Knox Museum in Buffalo, NY and the Westchester Hudson river Museum in Hudson River, NY, as well as numerous art galleries. In addition to these exhibitions, Mark Jacobson received first place in the American Artist magazine Golden Anniversary Competition in 1987.

Jacobson relies on a strong figurative technique and a nostalgia for moments of insight when the symbolic is no longer opaque but becomes alive in the deepest sense. Given to the allegorical, Jacobson paints scenarios whose symbolic meaning is hinted at by his titles. He says, "Letters, numbers, and arrows become meaningful abstract shapes; details I invent out of my imagination." His paintings work as an all-inclusive metaphor for the imagination - indeed,his paintings suggest that the artist/protagonist is ready to experience a higher consciousness.*

*Excerpt from Jonathan Goodman's essay, Figure Variations 2010. Jonathan Goodman is a writer based in New York City. He has written for Art in America, Sculpture, and ArtCritical.