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Lauren Jones Worth

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Blue Fairies, 2017, mixed collage on canvas, 36’’X60’’  Treescape with white and brown tree trunks in blue background.

Lauren Worth, Blue Fairies, 2017, mixed collage on canvas, 36’’X60’’

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 Lauren Jones Worth’s work has singular beauty, power and originality. The product of a synthesis of abstraction and of an almost magical realism, it is work that is wholly her own while being wonderfully enriched by history. Like mid-century masters Milton Avery, Wolf Kahn and Ralph Wickiser, Worth begins with the natural world, visually building layer upon layer to create a complex tangle of natural forms articulated in clear, jewel-like colors.

Ultimately, we are aware of an underlying unity to be found in her process and in her work. And this sense of unity is also present when Worth speaks of the wellsprings of her work…

“I celebrate the hum of the earth—the dance and rhythm of life. I celebrate the living spirit of trees and those places found in Celtic lore where the veil between the spiritual realm and the material realm is very thin.”

In Lauren Jones Worth’s work we find a new twenty-first century vision for the medium of painting; one in which a great legacy of twentieth century abstraction joins with a renewed embrace of the natural world to marvelous, revelatory effect.*

*Excerpt from Adeline Talbot's Essay.