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Artist Page-Katherine Pappas-Parks

Katherine Pappas-Parks


Eternal Gaze of the Messenger IV   ,   2017, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 24".  Seascape in Oregon featuring rocks, trees, birds and deer. Blue ocean in the horizon with blue sky

Katherine Pappas-Parks, Eternal Gaze of the Messenger IV, 2017, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 24"


Katherine is a full time painter and exhibits from Portland Oregon to New York City. She has been recognized as an accomplished artist who is shown and collected both nationally and internationally.

Animals, birds, flora, and fauna luxuriate in the world Pappas-Parks has created in her paintings.

*You soon realize looking at Pappas-Parks’ poetical paintings that she has discovered something that she wants to share, a place of profound and simple beauty. Entering into them is as much a physical as an aesthetic experience. She tantalizes us.

Beyond being brilliant at her craft, she conveys ideas, moods and emotions that expand our understanding of art’s capabilities, and lead us into uncharted territory.

Though Pappas-Parks has taught art in schools and colleges all her life, she does not want to instruct viewers as to what they should see in her paintings. “I hope they will imagine their own narrative.” She says.” The images have specific meanings to me. But I want viewers to be free to make their own.” She doesn’t have to urge us; they set fire to the imagination.* 

*Excerpt from Valerie Gladstone's Essay, Katherine Pappas-Parks-Flying Through Moments.

Valerie Gladstone writes about the arts for numerous publicaions, including The New York Times, ARTnews, Art and Auction, and Art and Antiques.