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Peter Burega    

Anse Marechal No. 3 ,   2017, Oil on Panel, 48" × 48".  Abstract horizon based landscape with clouds clouds are yellow and white while lower landscape is primarily brown

Peter Burega, Anse Marechal No. 3 , 2017, Oil on Panel, 48" × 48"


Born in 1965 in Montreal, QC, Canada, Peter Burega is a self-taught artist who claims, "that learning process is at the core of my work." Burega creates passionate, color-filled abstractions that reflect his enthusiasm for exploration, travel, and the infinite landscape of the imagination.  Working on birch panels, Burega paints with oil and finishes with layers of semi-transparent glazing.  The result is work that has uncommon depth and luminosity. Each piece is developed initially through extensive knife work and under-painting.  In juxtaposition to the open movement and freedom of his pieces, he also incorporates structural borders.  These architectural references create tension and give Burega’s work a context and sense of grounding.

"A final governance is the visceral and cerebral balance I draw upon from my experiences, travels, and environment coupled with time spent in the studio.  A development that never has specific direction but gleens from memories, dreams, and emotions while permeating paint and panel.  Sometimes adding, sometimes removing, but always exploring the simple act of painting.

What does all of this mean?  Simply, that I love to paint." said Burega.