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Kelly Wang

K E L L Y   W A N G     王 佳 怡

b. 1992 in New York, lives and works in New York. Growing up in a family with a history of collecting and connoisseurship, Kelly Wang has been exposed to Chinese painting since early childhood and started using the materials of ink and xuan paper in 2010. Wang studied art history with a focus on Chinese paintings with Professor Robert E. Harrist and has an MA from Columbia University. She has a BA in Art History from CUNY Hunter College and was Valedictorian of her graduating class. In her early years, Wang studied traditional Chinese painting with the artist and professor Chen Ruikang, who learned painting from Pu Ru. Kelly Wang has had two solo shows in New York and has been studying calligraphy with Zheng Wei since 2013. She also gives lectures about Chinese art (traditional and modern) and Western abstract painting at CUNY Hunter College.

An intercultural artist, Wang combines post-industrial and ancient materials to create abstract work infused with elements of traditional landscape painting. Her work includes ink paintings on paper and mixed media paintings.