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Atsuko Mu Yuma


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 Walter Wickiser Gallery, NY
2017 39th Assilah International Cultural Museum of Asilah, Asilah, MOROCCO
2016 Queensborough Community College Gallery, NY
2012 Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, CHINA
2011 Interzone Arts, LA
        Northern Japan 3/11 Earthquake Charity Show, The International Center, NY
2010 Sakkasan Gallery, JAPAN
2007 Hs Trash Gallery, Tokyo, JAPAN
2004 Woodstock Museum, NY
2003 Ithea Gallery, NY
1998 Janaki Art Gallery, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 JAANY Art Exhibition, NY
2017 Japanese Artist Association New York (JAANY) Art Exhibition, NY
2016 Musashino Art University 3rd Graduation Exhibition, Gallery Max, NY
         Kyushuu Earthquake Benefit Exhibition, Gallery 128, NY
2015 Musashino Art University 2nd Graduation Exhibition, Gallery MC, NY
2014 Gallery Onetwentyeight, NY
2013 Gallery Onetwentyeight, NY
2012 Dancing Painting with Fran McGee, Theater for the New City & Hell’s Kitchen Festival, NY
         Resobox Gallery, Musashino Art Univeristy, NY
2010 Gallery Onetwentyeight, NY
2009 Gallery Onetwentyeight, NY
2008 Seed Gallery, NJ
2007 Sideshow Gallery, NY
2004 Burgen Museum, NJ
2003 Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, NY
2002 Gallery Juno, NY
2001 Gallery Juno, NY Selected Mural works
2003 Lyndon B Johnson Public School 223Q, NY
1998 416 BC Restaurant, NY

Education & Awards
2015 Guest Lecturer “Art in the Global Age,” Mushashino Art Univeristy, Tokyo, JAPAN
2012 The New Figure Prize, Mushashino Art Univeristy, Tokyo, JAPAN
1964 BFA, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, JAPAN