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Resume_Frieda Howling

Frieda Howling


The Development of Contemporary Art in Lebanon, 1930 -1975, Lebanese American University (LAU) Press, 2005 (to order, call LAU, New York office, 212-870-2315)  

From the Traditional to the Modern and Contemporary: Art in the UAE. Eastern Art Report Magazine, 1997  

Changing the Scene with a Mural, School Art Magazine, April 1975  

Creativity with Textile Paint, School Art Magazine, March 1971  



1994 Second Place Award, Members Show, Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Dunedin, Florida  

1993 Merit Award, Show, Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Dunedin, Florida  

1973 Festival ’73, Member’s Award, Milford Fine Arts Council  

1970 New Group Award for Best in Show  



Douglas College, Rutgers University, BFA   

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, MS Interior Design  

Connecticut State College, Certificate for Teaching Art as well as Doctorate courses  

Art Critique Program, Academie of Art under Professor Damen, Munich, Germany  


“I see the environment as forms occupying space. My abstract shapes draw their strength from the  firm basis in the natural forms of the landscape. The artist has the privilege to translate nature’s forms  into various moods which will affect the inner and spiritual emotions of the viewer.” Frieda Howling  


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