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Available works

Since 1987, Renée Lerner's unique mixed media works have appeared in numerous galleries. Her work has been shown in almost 50 exhibitions in the United States, as well as Italy and Germany. She creates beautiful fabric collages, where she folds and drapes textured cloth, ribbon, mesh and other ephemeral materials in such a way that they take on a dense, sculptural quality.

Lerner's delicate and painterly works have the characteristics of abstract expressionist paintings. She paints with fabrics, creating gestural strokes that intertwine with disparate parts and define the space. Dominique Nahas, curator and critic has said of Lerner's work, “...improvisational savvy pervades the artist's working process, that provide plenty of room for unexpected sculptural surprises.”

  Act II

2018, Fabric, paper on wood, 26" x 19" x 2.5"