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Preeti Varmar


New Work 1, Oil on Canvas, 48%22x36%22, 2017.jpg

Preeti draws inspiration from the quotidian.


Our fast paced lives disconnect us from our immediate surroundings wherein the insignificant is rendered invisible.  Preeti is interested in exploring this quality of urban life through her artworks by bringing the quotidian to the foreground.


She explores this idea by creating a visual conversation based on looking at our world in unfamiliar ways, by observing the subjective, innocuous beauty of the mundane with a renewed sense of wonderment. Preeti challenges the perception of what is considered beautiful. Her intent lies in reinitiating a dialogue with the abundance of ephemeral ordinariness that surrounds us.


Born in New Delhi, Preeti has lived and worked in different cities in India and in Singapore.  Preeti graduated with a BA (Honors) in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London, in partnership with LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore. She now lives and works in Manhattan, New York. 


New Work 1, 2017

Oil on Canvas, 48"x36"

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