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past09_10_Sculpture at Play II

Sculpture at Play II - Dreams and Metaphors

Reneé Lerner, Susan Manspeizer, Richard Pitts, Marlene Siffs

Artists' CVs



Left: Susan Manspeizer, Rite of Passage - 28 days, bent wood, paint, cane, 54” x 18” x 3”, 2008
Middle Top: Marlene Siff, Synergy, watercolor, oil pastel, graphite, torn paper, 33 1/8” x 34”, 2008
Middle Bottom: Renée Lerner, Sephora, mixed media on wire, 48” x 26” x 4”, 2008
Right: Richard Pitts, Bumblebee, painted steel, 40” x 22” x 22”, 2008