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Mally Khorasantchi


Mally Khorasantchi



The Hidden Secrets of Trees III

2018, Mixed Media Collage on Paper, 43" x 35" 


Mally Khorasantchi’s large pulsating canvases conflate nature-based forms with abstract thoughts. Leafy tendrils poke through honeycomb-like nettings, dissolve into chalky mists, and are swept into currents of intense and variegated color. 

To be sure, Khorasantchi’s bold, keyed-up depictions bring to mind the mystical landscapes of Charles Burchfield, who similarly worked from familiar surroundings and imbued his imagery with deep personal symbolism, probing the mysteries of nature in an attempt to reveal his inner thoughts and moods. While the calligraphic strokes and transcendental light infusing such works as Plantation relate to the early-20th-century master’s aesthetic, Khorasantchi’s compositions, though unsettled in spots, bare no ominous cast. The turbulence, the swarm of jagged lines and fiery hues in the “Death of the Bumblebee” and “Genesis” canvases, does not tell of internal brooding and fears, but are rather homages to nature’s order. They are a celebration of the birds, bees, fish and flowers inhabiting an everchanging and enchanting landscape.