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Liam R. Bannon


Liam R. Bannon

Woman in Her Own Right

Liam R. Bannon M.Sc., B.Arch., HKIA, Registered Architect (Hong Kong)

Liam Rory Bannon is an Irish architect, a graduate of UCD, Dublin, Ireland and the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Liam was a Consultant on Design and Environmental Conservation to the Hertfordshire County Planning Office in the U.K. and then for the National Physical Planning Institute in Dublin, Ireland.  He then relocated to Hong Kong in 1977.  Since then he was a lecturer in Design and Technology in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong before undertaking Design Consultancy on Projects in China.  This has involved travel throughout China from Harbin in the North to Hainan in the South, Dunhuang in the Gobi Desert in the North-west, Shanghai on the East Coast and many other cities.  He has also presented Urban Design papers at conferences in Australia.

Having previously concentrated on Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture, since 2008 he has broadened his design scope to explore Art, Photography, Fashion Design and Poetry.  He is also studying the application of 3D printing to sculpture, using his Architecture Design projects as inspiration.  

Readings in Science and Parametrics in Design have influenced his Artwork.  Democritus, about 500B.C., suggested that everything consists of fundamental particles that move around in space.  Parametrics involves a process of continuous differentiation.  In a concept fusion of these issues, using ink and pencil hatching with photo montage Liam creates dynamic motion, in his Artwork as well as in his Architecture.nThis dynamic is allied with Sustainability, a fundamental issue for our global society, not only in Architecture but also in curbing global warming and in social issues such as equal opportunity provisions. 

Liam’s artwork has been published in Yunnan Arts Magazine, Kunming, in June 2012 and he was the subject of a one-man exhibition in Shenzhen, China called “Fishtank”, in June, 2013.  He took part in a 4-person exhibition, “Figure Variations” in October 2013, and then the annual GAP Shows XI, XII and XIII in 2014-16 in New York, the LA Art Show in Los Angeles, all at the Walter Wickiser Gallery of New York.


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