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Man Hee Kim


Man Hee Kim

ManHee Kim paints with the high energy of the great Abstract Expressionists. While the abstract paintings of Kim Man Hee are filled with broad sweeps of pigment and embodied gestural nuances, they also hold memories of time and place. The viewer will see the direct use of primary color in Kim’s work – the reds, blacks, blues, and violets – as carriers of vivid emotion. They suggest the sound of wind blowing through the mountain passes, the hills, meadows, and vales. As Kim’s extended brushwork moves across the surface of his canvases, intervals of rhythmic notation and expression can be felt. In the process of being seen, they suggest feelings of the wind being consumed by aggregates of color within the artist’s wild, sweeping gestures. There is force in these paintings: the force of beauty in the process of revealing itself, on the threshold of coming alive.

 - Robert C. Morgan