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Artist Karen Green Recor Page

Karen Green Recor


2017 duende-I-II-III-IV-80x60-lab copy.jpg

Seduced? Yes! Seduced by the primitive texture, color and forms of earlier and contemporary civilizations. Ancient civilizations and their cultures inspired travel to sites and to the expression found in these paintings. Travels to American Indian sites in many areas of the United States, the Mayan ruins in Central America, the Incan ruins Peru and many ancient sites in Europe and southeast Asia. These travels were an impetus for further discovery of contemporary mark making techniques, texture and color that were absorbed into the artist's psyche and artwork. Marks in these paintings are found by layering materials with the use of expressive color and light, calligraphic lines and varied textures and tactile mixed media.

Here the painting seduction of form and composition is an exciting process found through the simplification of using just the formal elements in an artwork rather than replicating what exists in nature. Accidents verses planned mark making and their seeming dissonance contribute to the elements of visual excitement in the paintings. This is the point in a painting where it transcends the natural world and instead brings you into a sensual internal world. Color transformation continues to enhance depth and emotion in the painting. Each painting finds its evocative voice that leads the viewer on their own personal seductive journey.

Duende I, II, III & IV

Oil / Mixed Media, 80” x 60”, 2017